Your Business Counsel at Work


I value my client relationships and my practice is centered on providing high quality representation and counsel to a select number of clients who seek my services for a full range of issues related to their business operations. As with any relationship, communication is key and I strive for continual exchange of ideas and expectations so that I’m clear on your objectives and you’re clear on my recommendations and the plan of action for achieving them. You will find me responsive and accessible. 

Fee Structures

Most lawyers work on a straight hourly basis. My rates are substantially less than a comparable lawyer in a large firm and depending on the matter, we can often build an alternate fee arrangement. My fees reflect the fact that your business doesn’t have to subsidize the training of young associates and the high overhead of a large firm. While I frequently deal with isolated projects or matters for new clients, the large majority of my client base consider me their corporate counsel for all of their needs.  See the General Counsel Services page to learn how your business will benefit from having its own part-time General Counsel. 

General Counsel Services

Quality, Flexible, Cost-Effective Legal Support For Your Business

All businesses need legal support. But for those whose legal challenges don’t warrant hiring a full-time employee, the selection of a lawyer is often done on a piecemeal basis in response to an immediate problem, crisis, or worse yet – receipt of a subpoena or lawsuit. Forming a relationship with an experienced business lawyer who serves as your regular legal counsel is the best approach. General Counsel services are a cost-effective way to form an attorney-client relationship where you obtain the highest quality representation and counsel for the issues your business is confronted with as well as those you haven’t yet encountered.

The benefit of an experienced General Counsel who brings a broad range of subject matter expertise is difficult to measure because the value also lies in the problems and conflicts you will avoid. A well drafted Non-Compete for a key employee, a clause defining the mutual obligations of the parties to a Teaming Agreement, or the careful description of how and when members of a LLC can sell their member interest are just some of the ways that your General Counsel can avert the expenditure of time and money on conflict.

If your business is in growth mode as opposed to start-up mode, you need strategic legal support for your business objectives from someone with operational experience. A customized risk assessment will boost the quality of operational decision-making and allow for insightful choices in a market where change is the only constant.

Your company benefits not only from my extensive experience in business law but in the continuity of service from one lawyer who has taken the time to know and understand your businesses, your employees, and the challenges you face.

Various plans with fixed retention terms, pre-paid consultation time, and discount on hourly rates for various projects can be negotiated to suit your company’s needs. Your General Counsel arrangement will also include a fixed amount of time on-site at your offices to facilitate communication and expedite the process of identifying and dealing with your legal needs. The primary objective is to set up flexible terms and to avoid surprises on legal expenses.